​Massy graduated from Ana Visage Institute in 2003. She started her career as an esthetician at Natural Body Day Spa in Arlington, VA in 2004. She received her Master Esthetician degree in 2006, and established her own company, MB BETTER SKIN, in November 2010. Massy has a loyal and growing clientele in the Washington, DC area, and has garnered national acclaim as the one of the best waxers in a cosmopolitan area. Contact her directly to inquire about an appointment at (571) 225-3718 or mbbetterskin@gmail.com

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About Massy Bagherzadeh

MB BETTER SKIN has been twice recognized and featured in Allure magazine as well as Arlington Magazine.

From Allure:

There are waxers who try to temper our anxiety with bubbly drinks and breezy chatter. Then there's Bagherzadeh, who produced a disconcertingly large pair of trimming shears and an equally menacing turquoise-colored was just minutes after our arrival. Then it was snip, snip, rip, rip and we were done. 'Eight minutes!' she proclaimed triumphantly, leaving us with an impossibly precise inverted triangle. Bikini wax, $40. - 5 Stars